I,along with my husband Birchie, are the owners of Lone Star Phlebotomy LLC. My motto is "you do not have to do one thing your whole life. You can do anything you want to do during your life". I tell this to every class we have. Because, I have done many things during my 47 years. I have worked retail, the oil field, and owned my own salon in the Texas Panhandle. I have always had a heart for helping people whether it be helping them to be healthy by teaching fitness classes or developing their skills as a phlebotomy technician or an ekg technician. My passion now is my students at Lone Star Phlebotomy LLC. It is so exciting and fulfilling to see a student complete their first stick. It is a feeling that never gets old.

Meet Our Staff:

Lone Star Phlebotomy llc is a family owned and operated Medical Trades Company and was established in Burleson, Texas in 2016 by Birchie and Sharon Stillwagoner. We saw a need in the community for an affordable trade school after our oldest daughter graduated from high school. We realized then college was not for everyone. We wanted our children to be able to support themselves and their families and not be in debt the rest of their lives. So we decided to open LSP. It is our mission to help other people help themselves by teaching them a skill they can use their entire life. It is our hope, they will pass this trade down to their children and for generations to come.

I am an owner and director of Lone Star Phlebotomy LLC. I have been in the medical field for over 35 years. I started at the age of 15 driving an ambulance, along with my two brothers in the small town of Sulphur Springs, TX. I moved to Arlington, TX when I was 18 years old and started working at Arlington Memorial Hospital to pay for college. I held various positions while at the hospital. I started at the bottom cleaning and sterilizing surgical instruments to working my way up to scrub tech in the emergency room. I did just about everything you could do at the hospital from running ekgs to drawing blood to assisting during surgical procedures. After the death of my mother Peggy Stillwagoner, I decided to leave the hospital and become a police officer. Even as a police officer, I stayed in the medical field, as I was a tactical medic on swat. I actually worked every division as a police officer throughout my 25 year career. I retired from police work in 2016 to devote all my time to our students at Lone Star Phlebotomy LLC. I am also a licensed combative sport referee in Texas. I love to be part of a good fight. It is my passion to help others help themselves and I will be doing this as long as the good Lord is willing.

Haile Peach Kinnaird

Hunter Peach

Birchie Stillwagoner

   Lone Star Phlebotomy LLC

​A Medical Trades Company

I am the son of Birchie and Sharon. According to them, I am the hardest working employee at Lone Star Phlebotomy LLC. I am the Chief Maintenance Engineer. I live with my cousin Chandler and Yesi in Amarillo, TX but I love to come visit my family and help out when I can. This is how I make money to take my girlfriend Courtney Kinnard on dates. I am always willing to volunteer for our students to stick me and help them anyway I can to graduate from Lone Star Phlebotomy LLC.

I am a certified instructor at Lone Star Phlebotomy LLC. I am the daughter of Birchie and Sharon Stillwagoner and have been with them since the beginning of their school 3 years ago. I am a certified phlebotomy technician, certified EKG technician and a certified BLS instructor. I teach the phlebotomy, ekg and bls classes. I am also the resume writer for LSP. Before I started full time at LSP, I worked for America's Best as the Contact Lens manager. Both sets of my parents are in the medical field so it seemed to be the obvious choice for me. Through my parents, I have learned how rewarding it is to help others any way I can. I enjoy teaching my students new skills so they can find employment and provide for their families. I plan to carry this tradition on to my children.

Sharon Stillwagoner

I am the daughter of Birchie and Sharon. I am, at times, a little shy and have a very soft voice. I am working on that. I am currently a school representative for Lone Star Phlebotomy LLC. I am a certified phlebotomy technician, a certified ekg technician, and BLS certified. I also assist with bls classes. I am well informed on what it takes to go through our courses and I am always happy to assist you in anyway I can. 

I am the adopted daughter of Sharon and Birchie. Haile and I have been friends since childhood, so I consider them all my family. I have had experience at various retail stores and was the manager of Cato before coming to Lone Star Phlebotomy LLC. I am now a school representative and assistant instructor for Lone Star Phlebotomy LLC. I am a certified phlebotomist, certified EKG technician, and BLS certified. I assist with the phlebotomy, ekg, and bls classes. Helping others runs in my family. My husband is even an EMT. I hope to carry on my knowledge and skills to our students at LSP for a very long time.

Callie Peach

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